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We are proud to introduce our new EUNI Precision Pedals, designed completely in-house and CNC machined in an aero-grade 6061 aluminium for maximum strength. They are large enough to comfortably fit a size-10 foot, while being extremely durable and grippier than the stock pedals.

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As you may have heard there is currently a global supply shortage for chips and microcomponents, throwing all kinds of industries into chaos. Ford has famously had to cut their car production by half this past quarter just because of this. Electric Unicycle production has been affected too, with delays of up to two months for most models from Begode/Gotway, InMotion and KingSong. Veteren-Leaperkim has halted production of their popular Sherman model entirely. We are still carrying very limited stock for some of these models, however you are planning to start your EUnicycle journey we have plenty of newly arrived InMotion V8f and Kingsong...

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The Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle rides like a dream only if you know your best settings to the "dual air suspension" and the tyre pressure.  

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