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The Veteran Lynx is a 151.2v 18-inch wheel electric unicycle. It is a high-performance unicycle perfect for anyone looking for a powerful, durable, and feature-rich ride.

Here are the key features of the Veteran Lynx:

  • High-torque 3,200W (8KW peak) motor offers a 'no-load' spin rate of 125KPH.
  • Weight: Magnesium alloy construction keeps the weight to a light 40.3kg vs Patton's 39.4kg
  • accentuating an expanding motor/tire size and 500Wh battery capacity from Veteran Patton's 2200Wh
  • Battery Pack: Samsung 50E, 2700Wh/151V battery pack with SmartBMS which allows fast charge up to 15A ( stock charger 5A)
  • Controller: Set with 36x 200V/140A MOFSETS and a peak output of 840A.
  • Suspension: Riding comfort is enabled by the adjustable Fastace suspension modules; and 90mm travel springs.
  • Tyre: 2.75/14 off road tyre

Est. landing at Xmas 2023