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Indulge your desire for high speeds with the brand new Ninebot One Z10 by Segway.

This electric unicycle is built tough for off-road, with its 18 inches by 4.1 inches (10.4cm) wheel for greater stability the Z10 can handle whatever you can throw at it. Connect to the APP so you can view your speed and battery level on the go.

The advanced Ninebot One Z10 by Segway is equipped with an extra-large, strong structured single wheel, which not only enables you to have a good trip in urban traffic but also provides you with real off-road experience. With thick pneumatic tire, you can easily cross road gaps, bumps and other small obstacles. With maximum speed and range, Ninebot One Z10 is designed to fulfil your travel enthusiasm. The IP54 rated battery protection allows you to ride this electric unicycle in all weather conditions.

  • Range: up to 65km (tested by 70kg rider on moderated riding style and road condition)
  • Speed:45km/h
  • Climbing Height:<25°
  • Battery Capacity:1000W Lithium Battery
  • Max Loading:150kg
  • Charging Time:4-8h
  • Net weight:24kg
  • Enclosure Dimensions:53*31*64cm
  • Motor rated power:1800W