Electric Unicycle Brisbane

Electric Unicycle Brisbane

Welcome to Euni, the top Electric Unicycle supplier in Brisbane.

At Euni, our commitment is to promote 'ultimate mobility freedom' to our members throughout Australia.

Euni is one of the first Electric unicycle suppliers in Australia. We are recognised for our comprehensive product range and outstanding customer service.

We have thrived over the past 5 years becoming one of the fastest growing EUC suppliers in Australia. Our aim is to provide reputable products to our customers at the lowest price nation wide.

At Euni, we test the products before we stock, thus only the best is offered to our customers. Our broad range of Electric Unicycles, parts and accessories are all direct from our manufacturers, we are also working on our own brand of modifying parts to provide our customers the next level of control and enjoyment.

Call us on +612 91587778 or email to info@eunicycle.com.au

We have a team of EUC experts on call, please contact us if you have any queries about our products.