Begode electric unicycle

We are an official Begode Electric Unicycle dealer located in Sydney Australia, providing the most reputable and up to date Begode models to our fella Aussies. Gotway is well known for making Electric Unicycles to the next level in regards to performance and durability. Gotway is the way to go when you are considering a more aggressive and higher top speed Eunicycle. We recommend Gotway Unicycle for intermediate and experienced riders for several reasons. They are built to go fast easier but may not stop quickly enough due to their weight distribution or the firmware settings. It generally takes longer to get used to the characteristics of the Gotway units. For example, the infamous " pedal dips" when accelerating hard. The Bodyshell of most GW units are not as " robust" (except the Nikola!) but on the other hand, they are generally easier to disassemble and replace parts.