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Begode Master V3 - EUNI

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Here comes the Mighty Begode Master reclaiming the throne of the most powerful and fastest EUC in the world. DM us for availability and delivery time.
Begode Master Specs:
  • Control board location: Top
  • Wheel and Tyre Size: 18x3
  • Anti-spin Button: Yes there is
  • Weight: 37kg
  • Voltage: 134.4V
  • Battery Capacity variants: 1900wh, 2400wh
  • Motor power: 3200W HT
  • Range: 80km
  • Free-Spin Speed: 112km/h
  • Max current: 240A
  • Fan Engage Temperature: 50℃
  • Over-heat Alarm: 79 ℃
  • Low Power limit: 102V

About battery variants: 

  1. Samsung 50E 2400wh - Suitable for general-purpose riding as this specific type of cell is used as a standard cell in most Begode's performance units such as RS19, EX20S, Monster Pro, etc. This selection will give you more range (20%) than the Molicel version.
  2. Molicel p45a - For those who care about extreme riding sensation and to have access to the ultimate charge/discharge rate.