Motorised Electric Unicycle Australia

Begode Extreme Electric Unicycle - EUNI

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Experience power, performance, and off-road capability with the Begode Extreme Electric Unicycle. Featuring a powerful 4000W C40 motor, the most powerful 16" wheel on the market, and a 2400Wh battery, it is designed to tackle any rugged terrain you can imagine. With a 130mm suspension (130mm soft, 100mm hard)and a 134V system, you can trust the Begode Extreme to do the job right. 

The latest Begode Extreme comes with an updated orange 900lb coil shock preinstalled (a spare 1300lb coil for heavy-duty rides is also included). The first-ever smart BMS also integrated. Good water resistant ( yet certified). Air shock is available for more extreme users at an additional cost. If you are not new to Begode, the extreme now has "cold port" meaning no more sparks when plugin (finally! )

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EUC Parking Stand for Electric Unicycle - EUNI - Motorised Electric Unicycle Australia
Motorised Electric Unicycle Australia
EUC Parking Station for Electric Unicycle - EUNI
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