Our custom pedals give you maximum control, performance and style

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Our custom pedals give you maximum control, performance and style

We are proud to introduce our new EUNI Precision Pedals designed completely in-house and CNC machined in an aero-grade 6061 aluminium for maximum strength. They are large enough to comfortably fit a size-10 foot, while being extra stronger and grippier than the stock pedals.

Instead of relying on a rubber, grip tape or an array of large studs, these sleek EUC pedals contain precisely-placed mini studs that keep you locked-in at all times while being super easy to clean, especially after a big off-roading adventure.

They also have a built-in reversible magnet for Gotway/Begode and some KingSong electric unicycles, keeping them securely folded when not in use.

All EUNI Precision Pedals are fully-adjustable, allowing you to increase the inclination for a more sporty feel so you can really lean in to those tight turns.

We have these available to suit every wheel on the market, including the Veteran Sherman, all KingSong units including 16X and S18, InMotion V8F, V11 and their new V12, and every Gotway/Begode model.

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