KS 16X Electric Unicycle

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The KS16X Electric Unicycle is known for its stylish look and many user-friendly features. It has a brand new 2200W motor and 3-inch thick tyre which offers a huge amount of torque and so much grip that put a smile on the face as soon as you hop on and ride. Don't forget to purchase a bodyguard to offer another layer of protection to your favourite ride and of course always put on safety gears before you take this sweet looking beast out showing off to the rest of the world. Get yours now while stock lasts! 
  • 20km/h learner speed for the first 10 km
  • 50km/h top speed unlocked after 10km accumulated.
  • Integrated trolley bar, portable and handy
  • DIY atmosphere LED, flick with frequency spectrum; Battery indicator while keeping still
  • Illuminating & brake lights for safety riding ( 3W illuminating LED + 2 *1w braking lights; independent large diameter lamp cup)
  • 12V cooling fan, ventilating speed varies to temperature, maximum climbing ability
  • 1554wh battery, ups to 120km per charge depending on speed and loading
  • App support, change various ride characteristics, view speed/ battery level information
  • 2200w high-speed motor
  • 4 Hi-Fi BT speaker+1 subwoofer, 12V power amplifier
  • Dual charging port, Dual USB ports ( one of it supports mp3 plug and play)
  • Lift stop rotating ( sensors, at the bottom of the trolley bar, will stop the motor rotate once they sense the trolly bar has been lifted)
  • Realtime detecting of motor temperature to ensure safety riding

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