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A few weeks ago a render surfaced of a Gotway-branded suspension electric unicycle, with very Kingsong-like S18 suspension and design. At the time many people claimed it was a fake as it looked nothing like any of Gotway's / Begode's previous wheels. We can now confirm that this wheel is real and it is coming soon under the Begode brand. Here are the confirmed specs: Begode HEROSuspension 20inch wheel2.75-14 offroad tireMotor: 2800WBattery: 1800Wh 100VNoload speed: 79km/h Net weight: 36.5kg We will have it available for preorder here soon! Early bird deposit here 👈

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The Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle rides like a dream only if you know your best settings to the "dual air suspension" and the tyre pressure.  

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