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Make no fuss about taking the slim form-factor V8f Electric Unicycle anywhere with you and easy to intergrate with car, bus, train, ferry, etc... except the plane

  • Battery Range: 35km-50km maximum (518Wh, 84V) depending on loading and terrain
  • Top Speed: 35km/h
  • Wheel Size: 16″ x 2.125″
  • Motor: 1000W nominal, 2000W peak
  • Hill Climbing: rated for 30 degrees slope
  • Weight Limit: 100kg max structural load. Note that speed, range, and climbing performance is reduced at heavier loads.
  • Weather Resistant: IP55 rated means you can ride in wet weather
  • Retractable built-in handle: Never get stuck carrying your ride!
  • Front and Rear Lights, responsive to braking
  • Side LED lights: Fully customizable from the InMotion App. It can also be turned off from physical button.
  • Intelligent Safety Tilt Back and audio warnings prevent you from pushing V8F past mechanical limitations based on available power.
  • Bluetooth: available for data connection to InMotion App
  • Sound: Built-in speaker for system events (customizable in-app) and safety warnings
  • Ride Mode: Choose from Classic or Comfort modes with pedal sensitivity adjustment to customize exactly how you like your V8F to feel
  • Built-in Leg Pads: similar to V10 Electric Unicycle
  • Pedals: Larger 9.5″ magnesium alloy pedals with a rubber cushion and grip tape – same as V10
  • Weight: 14kg



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