Smart Chargers will save you time, AND help your battery last longer

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Smart Chargers will save you time, AND help your battery last longer

Imagine if your electric unicycle could be more like a Tesla - charging super fast at first, then automatically slowing down towards the end of the charge to make sure the cells are kept properly in balance and in full health.

This is now possible with our own EUNI Variable Chargers, available for both 84V and 100.8V EUCs.

Using the controller knob at the end, you can set how fast you would like to fast-charge your wheel - up to 5A for the 84V charger, and up to 9A for the 100V charger. The charger will monitor the charge state of your pack and display it on the built-in screen.

As your pack reaches full charge, the rate of charge will automatically slow down to prevent overheating and overcharging. At 90% as your cells go into balancing mode, the EUNI Variable Charger will be feeding it only the current that is needed - no more and no less. This keeps your entire battery system healthy and in balance, prolonging its life.

You can also set the charger to end charging at 80% or 90% to give your pack even more longevity - letting you save the 100% charges for when you really need that long ride!

This is a worthwhile investment for any serious rider.

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