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EUNI 84V smart charger

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The most quality variable fast 84V charger created by EUNI. This specific unit is designed to charge your 84V electric unicycle from 1A to 5A where the factory charger is normally delivering only 1.5A. As much as it's charging your device fast and at the same time you can monitor the current and voltage going to the device on the digital screen on top. This is one smart charger not only using primium circuit board and capacitors but be able to balance the battery cells while it's topping up the last 10% of the capacity. As much as we are following the safety design of the compatible EUC devices we do not recommend you to use this charge together or combination with another. Please use this charger sensibly and monitor it at all times while it's connected. We do not accept any liability whatsoever with your charging device but give full warranty to the charger itself. Please read the disclaimer properly before your purchase. 


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