Kingsong S20 / S22 renamed - Eagle - electric unicycle - EUNI

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Introducing the most powerful suspension EUC on the planet 2022. This is one revolutionary unit KingSong has ever built to rival every other brand including its previous units. Base on its study and feedback on the S18. The S20 is not only every way improved but throwing in a 126v " smart control system" to be able to gain both incredible high torque and high speed at the same time. A highly expected wheel indeed and you can easily get in the line of pre-order the amazing S20 with EUNI here and save $300 for the early birds.

  • Motor:3300W
  • Battery:2220Wh 126V💪
  • Top speed:70km/h
  • net weight:35kg 
  • Coil spring suspension
  • 20inch wheelbase
  • adjustable power pads
  • adjustable headlight angle

Est delivery June 2022. Price est $4500-4800.