GotWay Nikola Plus Electric Unicycle

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Meet the fastest 16-inch Electric Unicycle available. 

  • one of the best RGB light show at low light
  • 17in x 3 tyre
  • Scorpion type trolley handle
  • the glossy and translucent body shell ( requires a bit more attention and care)
  • Top speed 60km+ strictly for speed demons
  • 21700 LG MT50T battery cells
  • 100.8v is NOT 84v!
  • 1800wh ONLY
  • For 84v models, please find the link to a KS18XL or KS16X
  • one of the best sounding Bluetooth speaker available
  • " anti-spin" button integrated into the middle of the very fat handle
  • it starts to fly after breaching 20km/h ( make sure you work on the stopping technique that's never been taught from school)
  • Wear full protection gears every ride