Gotway Msuper Pro / MSP Electric Unicycle

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Due to the discontinued production of the MSX 100V/84V Electric Unicycle early 2020. The Gotway have released a Replacement model - MSP. The MSP is equipped with by far the "most power motor - 2500w" ever been made to any Electric Unicycles available together with 1800wh of the LG 21700 M50 battery cells. A 3A charger always makes you happy in 3-6 hours. The fact of this combination simply give you a smile on your face when you see people giving up going up steep hills but the MSP eats them like butter. The stock is right here right now. Get yours while stock lasts.

Wait there is more! The Limited Edition C30 "Speed Version" is here. If you happened to miss the 100V MSX then Guess what? You are going to love this even more. No bearing issues nor low pedal clearance. The MSP C30 holds its place like no others. The most stable budget flying machine is right here right now. Contact us to know more about it. 



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