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Inmotion V13 - Challenger - EUNI

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The Inmotion V13 is designed to be not only the fastest but the safest EUC in the market. In stock now.

Inmotion V13 Specs :
Motor Power: 4500W
Motor Peak Power: 10000W 
Max Torque: 300 Nm
Battery Capacity: 3024Wh / 126V
Max Speed: cap at 90 kph from 140kph no-load speed
Tyre: 22 x 3 inch
Rim: 16 inch
Weight: 50 kg
Max Payload: 120 kg
IP Rating: 
Mainbody IPX55, Battery packs IPX7
Standard Charger Output: DC 126V 5A 
Charging Time: 6hrs (with single 5A charger), 2hrs (with two 7A chargers), 3 hrs (with two 5A chargers)
Charging Port: Dual M16-6pin, USB A and Type C output port
Fast charger is available for up to 10A (33%/hr)
InMotion V13 Challenger Features
LCD screen
22″ Semi-off road tyre
Adjustable pedal tilt angle and height
Honeycomb offroad spiked pedals
Two independent air shocks and dampers for suspension 
Bright headlight (18W)
Built-in retractable trolley handle and anti-spin button