Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle

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Double air suspension, Smart Led stylish head/tail light, built-in trolley handle and parking stand, and the Inmotion design quality. What can I tell you more about the V11 Electric Unicycle? It's one of the kind. Just like the famous Ninebot Z10. It's never the most powerful nor the fastest. There nothing like it, not even close. Get yours here right now. Limited supply to the lucky owners. Be the first to receive the very first suspension design Electric Unicycle in Australia.

You buy it, we deliver it!! FAST

  • Custom-built 2200W hollow motor
  • Air suspension with 85mm adjustable travel range
  • dual charging port (1.5A x 2 altogether)
  • 18 x 3-inch wide tyre provides maximum grip
  • 18W Car grade headlight ( low beam positioning )
  • Inmotion's patent feature anti-spin button
  • IP55 water resistance
  • 2 riding modes for comfort and the extreme
  • one of the kind "parking stand" preinstalled