EUC 101: The Brands - Where Are We Today?

EUC 101: The Brands - Where Are We Today?

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Since Shane Chen’s original Solowheel design, things have come some way in the electric unicycle scene - the technology has improved, the devices have become safer, faster and more efficient, and many brands have come and gone. Also, LIGHTS! Lots of pretty RGB lighting.

In terms of companies actively developing and producing eunis today, these are the 4 leading companies, all based in China:


One of the earliest manufacturers to licence the original Solowheel design back in 2012, this Shenzhen-based company is by far the biggest player in the electric unicycle space, with their hugely popular V8F and V11 models garnering attention for being well-built, safe commuters.

The V11 takes an unique approach to incorporating a suspension system - while most wheels with suspension use a complicated array of shock absorbers and/or springs, the V11 has the saddle and footplates on independent air suspension instead. The result is simpler, more elegant, and more dependable.



Pioneering alongside Inmotion in Shenzhen in 2012, KingSong has developed a reputation for making solid, reliable and safe commuters. While on paper their top speed and range can be seen as “conservative”, their recent release of the S18 wheel with suspension surprised many, pushing their known boundaries for engineering and looks. Not forgetting a huge fan base worldwide regarding to other reputable KingSong units like the KS16X, KS18XL, and KS16S

Begode / GotWay

Founded in 2014, Begode (formerly known as GotWay) makes some of the largest and most powerful wheels available today. From the 24” Monster Pro with a ridiculous 200km by book in range (we've yet tested), through to the 17” Nikola, the MSP, The RS19 (coming soon) these wheels are all able to hit 60km/h and beyond. Not for the faint of heart - please gear up and ride safely!

Begone also has smaller wheels available, such as the 10” Mten 3 - perfect for little learners or as a spare transporter you can toss in a backpack. Apart from its small form factor and great portability, kids are crazy about the mten3. Never leave your kids unattended riding at all times and use the device at your own risks. Protect yourself with genuine safety gears and tell everyone about it.

Veteran / LeaperKim

They may appear to be the newest kid on the block, but the story goes that LeaperKim were started by a group of ex-GotWay engineers. While this may or may not be true, it is certainly the case that their very first product - 2020’s Veteran Sherman - proved to be a huge (and surprising) winner in performance, range and quality.

Named after an American World War II tank, the Veteran certainly looks the part with its unapologetic slab sides and hard edges, and external roll cage - a no-nonsense tribute to function over form. With well over 120km in real world range, and a real world speed record that currently stands at 96km/h, this is the most insanely capable wheel we have yet seen.

With all of these recent technical achievements, who knows what will be the next big thing in electric unicycles?

Jonno is a recent convert to electric unicycles, and he also chairs Electric Riders Australia - a non-profit advocacy group providing a united voice for all electric Personal Mobility Device owners, riders and businesses, and calling for the legalisation of these PMDs Australia. Please sign the petition today, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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