GotWay / Begode NEW RS19 LCD Electric Unicycle

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July 2021 stock RS19 HS C30 with the updated motor, new bearings, and an LCD display similar to the Tesla T3. It also comes with a newly updated "black control board" which adds more security and bigger MOSFETs. The high-speed version is highly recommended rather than the high torque due to several reasons. The C30 motor is tested by us proving that the torque is not noticeably less than the C38 but with a much larger power reserve and higher speed limit. Individual dust/waterproofing housing is now standard to its control board

The most unexpected Electric Unicycle of all time is swinging an uppercut to the existing kings.

Gotway ) Begode RS19 Electric Unicycle Specs cut to the chest:

  • 2600w hollow motor
  • 100.8v 1800wh LG/Samsung 21700
  • Dual charging port allowing up to 20A short circuit protection... we recommend 10A tops
  • Anti-spin button integrated with the handle (finally)
  • 6000lumen headlight ( seriously!?)
  • Feel free to go through the rest of the specs from the table attached